VS-CSD Vertical Process Sump

The VS-CSD vertical sump pumps are used in a variety of applications where submersible pumps are not a good fit.  Many applications require a vertical sump pump in lieu of a submersible due to site conditions, such as chemical attack, metallic solids or high temperatures.  VS-CSG pumps use the ANSI Process CSG fluid end for hydraulic performance using a process designed reverse-vane impeller.  This heavy wall, reverse-vane, 304 investment cast stainless steel impeller design provides a durable and dependable product and is perfectly suited for petrochemical applications.  This fluid end is designed to be used in the most aggressive of applications.  The flexibility of material combinations makes this product adaptable for the steel mill, mining, power generation and oil & gas applications.
VS-CSD Vertical Process Sump

Flow & Pressure Characteristics

Flows To:  7,400 GPM (1,680 m³/hr)
Heads To:  985 Feet (300 m)
Temperatures To:  200ºF (93ºC)
Speed Ranges:  900 RPM To 3600 RPM

Size Range

1×1.5-6 (26/16) – 8×10-16 (200/40)

Features & Benefits

  • Ductile iron/investment cast 304 stainless steel impeller
  • Reverse vane impeller with hydraulic balancing holes
  • Back pull out rotor assembly design
  • Heavy duty, bronze, fluted inboard head bushing that can be supplied in a variety of optional materials
  • High efficiency impeller with broad band operating range
  • 125# suction/125# discharge flange with 250# cast dimensions standard
  • Turned, ground and polished 420 stainless steel shaft standard
  • Separate, heavy-duty line-shaft bearing housings with fluted bronze bearing that can be supplied in a variety of optional materials
  • Maximum 5 foot bearing spans to minimize shaft deflection
  • Overall pump lengths to 25+ feet
  • Optional stuffing box/seal chamber for aggressive applications
  • Utilizes, stocked, standard C-Face motors
  • 56C through 449TC brackets for coupling to drivers
  • Optional strainers

Available Metallurgies

  • Cast iron, ductile iron, all bronze, all 304 stainless steel, all 316 stainless steel, all Cd4MCu, all Alloy 20, All Hastalloy (B&C), all 2205 super duplex stainless steel, all 2507 super duplex stainless steel, Cr28, all Titanium


  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • General Industry
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Mining & Aggregate
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Semiconductor
  • Water Resources